Intellectual property covers the rights granted to a person who has been at the origin of an intellectual creation. Intellectual property encompasses both literary and artistic property (i.e. copyright and related rights) and industrial property, which includes trademark, patent and design rights.

The firm is involved in protecting a company’s intangible assets, advising on protection and filing strategies, drafting related contracts and defending rights and creations in copyright, neighboring rights and trademark law.



and neighboring rights

The author of a work of the mind enjoys an exclusive intangible property right in this work, enforceable against all, by the sole fact of its creation.

Copyright covers all types of original creation, whether literary or artistic.

Neighboring rights are the rights granted to performers and producers.

Protection by copyright and related rights means that it is not possible to use a work without first obtaining authorization from its author or the holder of the related rights.

The firm assists authors, publishers and content producers in drafting and negotiating contracts relating to literary and artistic property rights, and in defending them before the competent courts in the event of infringement of these rights.



A trademark is a sign used to distinguish the products or services of a natural or legal person from those of its competitors.

Trademark law gives the applicant a monopoly on the use of the registered trademark, enforceable against all parties.

Choosing a brand is often a strategic issue for a company, enabling it to create an identity for itself in the eyes of consumers. It represents the company’s image.

The firm can support companies in setting up trademark protection, as well as assisting them in the event of trademark infringement, notably through infringement actions.


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