The RDV CINETIC on the theme “ALTERNATIVES TO JUDICIAL EXPERTISE” took place on Tuesday December 5, 2023 from 8am to 9am and was hosted by David LAURAND, Partner at CINETIC Avocats.

The justice system is often faced with complex situations where the technical skills of a specialist are essential to enlighten the judge.

An expert’s report issued in the context of a legal appraisal is therefore an invaluable tool for resolving disputes, as it enables the magistrate to make an informed decision based on objective elements provided by an impartial, independent expert who has acted with due respect for the adversarial process.

However, an appraisal can be long (very long indeed) and very costly.

The French Code of Civil Procedure offers alternatives to judicial expertise, which, while avoiding the constraints of length and cost, guarantee the enforceability of the report, its probative value and the interruption of the statute of limitations.